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 Welcome to the new and improved luvmyanimal! My name is Lorinda, and I am a tama addict! I made this site sometime in 2008, and it's still going strong! Updates are at the bottom of this page. If you're new to tamagotchi, click on 'Basic Care'. It'll tell you all of the basic stuff you need to know. If you all ready know what you're doing, just click on the heading to the left that shows what kind of tamagotchi you have, and you'll find more advanced tips for your tamagotchi. If you just want to chat, or play some awesome games, cluck 'Cool Stuff'. If you need extra help, or need to tell me something, please click on 'Contact Me'. You can also ask questions and chat in the forums. Hope you find everything ok, and feel free to send questions/comments/suggestions in 'Contact Me'. Have fun!!

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28/12/2010 at 11:53 PM: I added a picture to the new 'photos' page, and some awesome background music. I'm thinking about getting a blog started soon. Hmmm. Why don't you guys tell me what you think in 'Contact me'? It'd really help! Thanks!

27/12/2010 at 5:08 AM: Well, I got the site up an running again, updated some of the older stuff, added a page about Tama Go's, and I'll be posting some pictures of mine ASAP! I have a busy rest of the year ahead of me, so it might take a while. Thanks for holding on!